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Christians know that the story in which they participate has been revealed by God, recorded in the Scriptures, and summarized in the creeds: creation, fall, redemption, and consummation.  On the other hand, in these in between times from the inauguration of the Kingdom of Christ until its consummation, the contours of the story of history are more difficult to ascertain.  How can one understand God's purposes in the French Revolution for example?  It was a complex cultural moment with both good and bad elements.  The rise of modern science and its place in our culture has similar complexities.  These pages are intended to help us develop insights into key events that led to major steps in natural scientific disciplines, as governed by the discourses of natural philosophy and theology.  Moreover, these narratives are seeking to understand how natural science is in a conversation with the rest of culture both influencing it and being influenced by it for both good and ill.



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