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Natural History

by Robbie Andreasen

Rediscovering Natural History, Natural Science, and Natural Philosphy by Ravi Jain

What Hath Biology to Do with Physics 2.1.pptx



Quotes for "Redeeming Science Instruction" - Faulkner

A New Natural Philosophy

by Ravi Jain

Natural Science and Natural Philosophy by Ravi Jain


A Tour of the Calculus: A Gentle Stroll from Pythagoras to Newton by Ravi Jain

A tour of the calculus.pptx


The Scientific Revolution: An Integrated Approach to Physics and Calculus by Ravi Scott Jain


Resources around the Web

Title and Brief DescriptionLink


The Liturgical Classroom, Jenny Rallens, 2013 Alcuin Fellowship

Confronting Concupiscence of the Ears, Ken Myers SCL 2014--why a theology of creation matters

scl14-PL1-Myers-Confronting Concupiscence of the Ears.mp3
Music of the Spheres, Louis Markos SCL 2014--introduction to Dante’s Divine Comedy (medieval synthesis)

scl14-PL4-Markos-The Music of the Spheres.mp3


Technology in the Life of the West: Lessons from Abolition of Man, Ken Myers SCL 2010Ken Myers SCL-Technology in the Life of the West-Lessons from the Abolition of Man.mp3
Towards a Christian Philosophy of Science, Dr. John Lennox
James KA Smith, SCL Plenary address 2012

Kevin Clark on Language among the Liberal ArtsLanguage among the Liberal

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