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Power Point advocating a blend of Discovery Approach and Feedback/Direct Instruction in Mathematics Teaching by professors at University of Louisville and Vanderbilt.Ravi Jain
History of Math ResourcesResource list at website curated by David E. Joyce of Clark University.Ravi Jain
The History of the Calculus and the Development of Computer Algebra SystemsHyperlinked paper by Ginsburg, et all, sketching the history of calculus and the development of technological computing tools.Ravi Jain

Excellent list of historical math problems

100's of math problems from ancient Egypt until 1930 compiled by MathNexus. Interesting to give students a sense of the perennial questions in mathematics and to follow the narrative of discovery.Ravi Jain (thanks to Bill Sellers)
Academy of Inquiry Based LearningOrganization devoted to Inquiry Based Learning and Guided Discovery.Ravi Jain
Math CirclesOrganization devoted to recreational mathematics with both adults and children utilizing an Inquiry ApproachRavi Jain
Investigative Math Activities for Lower SchoolA resource Wiki put together by Montessori teachers (see especially Triangle Stars)Ravi Jain
Trinomial Cubea cool manipulative by Montessori teachers (also google their binomial cube)Ravi Jain
Proofs Without Wordsan interesting article with examples of these visual proofs as well as a philosophical investigation into their validity (also google image search "proofs without words" and "visual proofs")Ravi Jain