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So I want to sign up to share lesson plans, establish the narrative of natural science, and reimagine structures.  What do I do?

  1. Contact the Administrator Ravi Scott Jain through the icon below to requiest a login.
  2. Your username and password should come in an email.
  3. Log In.  You may need to ctrl-click to open a new tab or page in order to do so.  Return to the previous tab to keep browsing.
  4. Upload a short bio to the Bio's page.  (Six sentences or less should do.)  Include a picture if you like (it's drag and drop).
  5. Ask a question at the Burning Questions page.  Comment on someone else's question.
  6. Share a lesson plan (or more) that you would like to discuss with others on the Lessons Workshop page or elsewhere on The Commons pages.
  7. Decide on your reading level under the Articles and Book Discussions page and start a reading plan.
  8. Look around and comment on what interests you or upload a resource in the appropriate location. (You have permissions!)
  9. Have fun.  This website is designed for collaboration.


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