The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is occurring over the next couple of nights especially June 30-July 1 which will be a very bright heavenly event.  It will be worth noting, especially as there is an interesting interpretation of this kind of conjunction as a candidate for the Star of Bethlehem.  See the case made for this interpretation on which has been reviewed by NASA scientists and printed in Christianity Today.  For more observational details, see here.

Sharing Lesson Plans Three Ways
  1. Post your lesson plan to the Commons.
  2. Micropublish your lesson plan on Gumroad (or other micropublisher) and post a link here.
  3. Upload a copy of your lesson plan under the Kuyer's Institute page and if it is later published post a link to it at the Commons.


This website has pages for the main projects coming out of the SCL Preconference:

  1. Sharing Lesson Plans
  2. Establishing the Narrative
  3. Reimagining Curriculum

It is under construction so keep coming back for updates.